About this site

Welcome to JS Everywhere, a newsletter where I track the rapidly changing industry of web development as it blurs the lines between front and back end. The rise of full-stack frameworks and server-side rendering is moving us closer to a world where is JavaScript is everywhere - hence the name; too on the nose?

This biweekly newsletter is my attempt to track the full-stack JavaScript frameworks that are reshaping our toolkit and observe all the implications of this JavaScript renaissance.

And also poke fun at all the spicy takes that will undoubtedly emerge along the way.

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For even more info about the newsletter's goal check out the first issue.

About the Author

I'm Colby M. White, a software engineer for more than a decade. I'm currently going back to school to chase some non-software goals while contributing in the open source realm, most notably a RedwoodJS form-related contribution made in collaboration with the core team.