🚀 Changelog Wednesday

🚀 Changelog Wednesday
A cartoon ship-it squirrel releasing hot-air balloons into the sky / DALL-E

A thin couple of weeks for the ship-it squirrels out there.

Angular 17.2

Angular has been all-in on signals for a while now and this release expands on the pattern with signal queries (viewChild<ElementRef<HTMLDivElement>>('el')) and writable model inputs.

The inputs are the most notable as signal inputs have previously been read-only (a purposeful decision so child components can't muck with data in their parents) and model inputs are the intended tool for the use case. The docs are currently a little thin though so I haven't fully wrapped my head around it. It does feel like a useState that is backed by signals under the covers.

Astro 4.4

Lots of small under-the radar improvements here, which seems to be Astro's style when it comes to minor releases. The biggest impact is the inferSize directive's new support for remote images.

Vue Devtools 6.6

That UI is gorgeous! 😍

The new UI in Vue Devtools / Vue
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