🚀 Changelog Wednesday

🚀 Changelog Wednesday
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You may have noticed the changelog review was missing from last week. I'm switching the format to give these reviews their own space to shine.

Ship it!

Nuxt 3.10

I'm kicking myself for not finding time to experiment with Nuxt view transitions last week. This release allows you apply transitions per page and respects prefers-reduced-motion out of the box.

There's a bunch of small features in this release that it kind of buries this tidbit related to bundler resolution.

'Bundler' module resolution is recommended by Vue and by Vite, but unfortunately there are still many packages that do not have the correct entries in their package.json.

As part of this, we opened 85 PRs across the ecosystem to test switching the default, and identified and fixed some issues.

Way to pay it forward. 👏

SolidStart 0.5

The HTTP caching jumps out to me from these release notes - but because it doesn't seem to apply to HTTP calls. Server functions read like HTTP requests and respect the standard Cache-Control headers in their responses. That makes my #useThePlatform heart sing.

It's fun watching this beta project move along and not be afraid to react to community feedback. They put their createHandler method in one package, admitted that was a bad idea, and moved it back. And now they're replacing their old CLI with a community-built Rust CLI. 👏

Astro 4.2 & 4.3

A slew of small improvements back-to-back. Helper functions for adapters, less underscores in content file names, redirect routes getting higher priority, and interactive capabilities to the CLI. All things that are keeping the lights on.

But the new ComponentProps type is the one that made me smile. Type all the things! 🥳

Remix 2.6

Fairly small release here, but if you're doing Remix + Cloudflare, there's now first-class integration with Vite (albeit unstable). Considering I am one of those people, I've likely got some tech debt to clean up.

But that's a good problem to have.

SvelteKit 2.5

Every issue I've written so far has had a SvelteKit release in it. 🤯

This one is small and focused around a new emulate function for adapters. Reading through the description, it sounds like the main use case is for platform-specific variables, like KV namespaces in Cloudflare.

Not every release can have sexy filesystem bundle magic in it like the last one.

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